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Depressing flavour.

Empty hopeless side of a bright shining flower.

Struggled years or blackened.


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Depressing flavour.

Empty hopeless side of a bright shining flower.

Struggled years or blackened.


Midnight Chat

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I suddenly remembered a conversation about some topics, from organs (euuuww…), social media networking, work ethic, relationship, Indonesian culture, foreign culture, blablabla I made with some friends a couple months ago. I was laughing a lot during that conversation, and today, the conversation just popped up from my head. I’m not here to judge, nor to mention some people, or whatever. Just writing.

Where to start? Hmm…ok. Probably, no. 1: People. People with their own judgment. Everyone has his/ her own judgment about something or someone. And they have their own rights about that. Indeed. Even if they don’t know each other too well. They could only judge you by the look of your eccentric style, movement, attitude (What’s the measurement of this? Really). They won’t give a damn about the reasons or the background behind those “attitude benchmark”. And there’s nothing wrong about it. Because only we know ourself well.

No.2: Cyber world. In this era, you can get all information from the cyber world. Just open the browser, type Google.com, and…voila!! You’ll find almost all informations you need. It’s not a surprising thing if we will lose the essential of “personal touch” in the future. We just don’t realize, that sometimes, the information we got from this hectic cyber world, is not the one we could always rely on. What we see, what you read, is not always what we get.

No.3: ¬†Imaging. It’s a shame, if I’m allowed to say this, our environment still believes that imaging is everything. ¬†“Pencitraan” in bahasa Indonesia. :p

No.4: ¬†Communication. This is tough. Even if we think we did a well communication, never expect everybody will understand the message. It’s not about who’s smart or who’s dumb. But that’s the way it is. If we speak the same language, same meanings, same assumption….helloooo….why should God created so many countries?

No.5: Our private life is (not) for public consumption. “Is” or “Is Not”? Some will say yes, and some will say no. I have no issues with that. Why should I have an issue anyway? I don’t know you, you and maybe you, too well. It’s not fair if a statement come out from a lip that you haven’t even heard a single damn word from it.

The conclusion is, never expect people to react as we wanted too.

*A person who thinks that she/ he is smart, probably is the smartest…in her/ his own crib*

Life Without A Plan Is Like Making Love Without Condom

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Some of you, you and you…might think this is something that only related with sex or whatever you called so. Sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not just that. Some people have habit: they make an assumption from the thing they saw without analyze it. Poor them.

Anyway, hell with that. All I want to say is, life without a plan is like making love without condom: You will never know you’ll get pregnant or not. Or, a friend of mine replied, “Life without a plan is like going to the club. You’ll never know you’ll get a one night stand or not”.

Plan, plan, plan. Sick of it? Hell yeah. Who doesn’t? Structural, systematic things are not the pleasant things to do. Especially when the process is not as easy as we thought. But think of it. If you do something with plans, then the plans are not running smoothly, how about without any plans? Even when you wake up in the morning, from the moment you open your eyes and think “I don’t want to do anything today, I just want to get lazy all day”, it is a plan. The point is, we can’t run from life plan. Even if I’m desperately want to run from any damn plans of my life, I have to deal with it. And do it. Project initiation, control, closure.

Whether we like it or not, planning our life is a part of our life. If The Maker make intervention of the plan, that’s beyond our control. But if it’s not, well, there’s something with you, or me. Period.

Greed Is Good

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“Greed is good (Gordon Gecko, Wall Street)”

Yes it is right. It’s good to be greedy. It’s good when you want all. Greed of money. Greed of position. Greed of food. Greed of sex. Greed of everything. Until there is nothing left.

But is it still good, when the greed harmed people? Handicapped other people’s property? Rapped people’s right and opportunity? Is it fair? And the greed harmed no one but you? The effects might not appeared in a minute, just like snapping the finger. It could be like tsunami. Quiet at first, no sounds just an unusual moment but then it come as a huge wave that swallow everything in front of you. Just a blink of an eye, then everything is gone. Forever. No mercy. Need some damn time to build everything until it stand like it was.

Some people might still think, greed is good.

Green is good or Green is Food?

Non Violent Direct Action for Rejection of Violence In The Name of Religion

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